Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing

Coronavirus (Covid-19) is affecting all of our lives in a multitude of ways. Things are changing fast, and many of us are worrying about this all means for ourselves and for our loved ones. Those of us already living with mental health problems are facing extra challenges too.

These links will help you find reliable information and tips to help you cope during this time:

Emotional Wellbeing

Although support groups in Gloucestershire have been suspended there are still things you can do to look after your mental health.

  • Practice self-care – follow basic self-care, so healthy eating, sleep, lots of hydration, and try to keep to a routine
  • Exercise if you can – Try giving the recommended exercises a go, getting moving is easier said than done when you feel low or anxious, but it can significantly boost your mood.
  • Set up buddy groups – Set up a “buddy group” with family or friends and regularly check in with people, either online or by phone. That way, you can offer support to anyone struggling or reach out to others if you need to.
  • Distract yourself – Writing down your thoughts and feelings can help offload any worries and fears you may have. It’s also important to try to keep busy, whether that means going for a daily walk or learning a new skill. There are still plenty of activities you can engage with at home, including crafts, painting, reading, cooking and baking.
  • Be kind to yourself – If you don’t feel up to doing anything, though, that’s fine too. It’s important to be kind to yourself and recognise when you need a break.

Let’s Get Physical!

Staying active right now can make you feel a whole lot better mentally and physically.

Check out this list of exercises to get you moving and make you feel better – there is something for everyone. For more ideas on how to get or stay active, please visit